Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

A lot of modern exercise sudden trends come and go based on their popularity, but one area where this has never happened to is the somewhat simple exercise bike. Exercise bikes have remained a staple of cardiovascualar exercise for people for many years and we are sure will do for many more years to come!

One area where we belive this is the case, is because they offer a full-body workout, which is a very valuable and often time-saving feature of exercise machines that is very attractive for people looking to get fit. We all know that exercise bikes work mainly on legs but they also work the buttoks, abdomen, hips and the upper body, while because of the arobic nature of using them they are also great for your heart and lungs. It has been proved that a short 20 minute period using an exercise bike can provide more health advantages than longer exercises which concentrate only specific parts of the body.

Exercise bikes are available in different price brackets all depending on the features you are looking for. Some bikes are too expensive or bulky to be used in your own home, however there are many different brands and models that are very suitable to be used in your own home. Apart from the health benefits, the ablity to multitask while using these bikes to catch up on your tv programmes or listen to music, are some of the key reasons exercise bikes have retained their popularity.

Before you purchase your exercise bike you need to know and undestand the differences between the different types of execise bikes. This guide below will outline the differences between each exercise bike and the benefits of each.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are 5 types of exercise bikes available: upright stationary bike, recumbent, dual-action stationary bikes, indoor cycles, and ineractive stationary bikes. If you have the time and resoruces it would be a good idea to test each type of exercise bike before purchaing, but we all know this wont happen! Different models all have different pros and cons and comfort levels that only testign them will tell you, but if you read product reviews you will start to see which ones are the better models to get.

Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

These more traditional exercise bikes are the more well known types. they stand up like regualr bikes, have a typical bike seat and have pedals either side. the feel of using these are very close to normal cycles which is why these are very popular. These provide the same type of cardiovascular and lower body workout that riding a normal cycle would offer.

upright exercise bike

These types of bikes are not usually loaded with all the mod cons and latest technology but they will offer the basic stats such as tracking distance and most will offer heart monitors. They also take up much less space which is a bonus over the larger recumbent exercise bikes.

Recumbent Stationary Exercise

These exercise bike machines are great as they offer more back support while exercising, so if this is what you prefer then look at these. The seat is further back, more chair like and the position of the rider is partially in fromt of the seat where as others are below the seat.

recumbent exercise bike

These type of exercise bikes are very popular for book lovers, as they can comfortably read while using one of these due to the position of the rider. However due to the use of no handlebars are being engaged with, the upper portion of the body wont be getting a work out.  The additional features of the recumbent bikes are usually plentiful, and will often include monitors that display the heart rate, display time, calories, speed and distance output. these bikes which have additional features and accessories cost more than standard upright bikes.

Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

Dual-Action exercise bikes encorporate lots of muscle groups including the upper body and hence are more beneficial for a full body workout and help to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. The similarities between these and elliptical trainers are the moving handlebars which are in sync with the pedals, which is what increases the intensity of exercise and helps to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone to the upper body.

dual actiom exercise bike

The accessories of the dual action bikes include cooling systems such as fans built in to the bike and one of the advantages of the dual action bikes is that it can be tailored specifically to your individual needs as the resistance levels of the handlebars and the pedals can be adjusted independently of each other.

There are recumbent dual-action bikes available but they are difficult to find and sometimes more expensive.

Indoor Cycles

These type of cycles have gained a lot more popular in gyms  since they have recently been included in gyms more. These bikes are very similar to normal road bikes which is why they are currently very popular. They can even come with chains which make for a very real experience. The resistance of these machines can be changed but with these exercise bikes riders usually expect a very intense workout due to the nature of this bike.

indoor exercise bike

Although the look of these are stunning they usually are rarther simple on the additional features. Most of them are basic in the technology area and are purely designed to be for workouts and not to show all the extras such as total calories burned or the distance done. They also have seats that are similar if not the same as real bike seats so dont expect them to be comfy!  However, they will still be popular due to the great workout these provide and people want real workous which you will get for using one of these!

Interactive Exercise Bikes

These type of exercise machines combine the latest technology with the health benefits of a workout. this can be in the way of all inclusive tvs and computers and music players to make the rider workout for longer as it distracts them. These cleaver machines can do a scenario workout where the rider chooses a pre set workout plan e.g endurance and the user would have speciic challenges to meet!

interactive exercise bike

They are available in upright and recumbent models, with both offering almost the same amenities such as distance and speed tracking in addition to the high tech fearures. Due to the fact that these bikes are so high tech and offer the most advanced workouts, they are the most expensive to purchase, however if you want the best and want a serious workout, look no further!

I hope this post has helped sum up the difference between the types of exercise bikes available. If your now looking for that exercise bike, we suggest taking a look at a website that reviews the best and latest exercise bikes. For all the different types of exercise bikes click here.


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